How to prepare for
tattoo session –

Before the tattoo session we recommend doing these things:

  • You do not drink alcohol for at least 24hours before the session, as this may affect your health while receiving the service and cause bleeding
  • Go to bed, rest and make sure to eat beforehand as this can also affect your health during and after receiving the service. Not being well rested can affect your health during and after the service, for example, headaches, nausea and even fainting
  • Choose clothes for the session that will not interfere with the tattooing process (and remember that colors may stain no matter how carefully we cover your clothes)
  • If the session is scheduled for more than 3 hours, bring a snack. And if even less than 3 hours, a treat sometimescomes in handy
  • Please inform the artist about feeling unwell, headaches, etc., so that no surprises occur during the process
  • If you have any skin or other health problems, talk to your doctor first
  • Do not sunbathe before the session, because then the skin is sensitive and we cannot work on sunburn
  • Moisturize the area of the body, where the tattoo is planned, with a moisturizing or nourishing sin cream a few days before the session – this can make the work process easier and improve healing

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